Terms of Reference

1. Role and Responsibilities

1.1. The role of the parkrun Research Board (pRB) is to oversee high quality research linked to parkrun worldwide.

1.2. The parkrun Research Board’s main responsibilities are as follows:

  • Review all requests from researchers to undertake parkrun related research.
  • Approve the research in which parkrun will engage.
  • Prioritise research requests in keeping with evidence-based practice.
  • Ensure all processes are transparent and accessible to all.
  • Oversee a research communication strategy to ensure that relevant information about research associated with parkrun is shared with parkrunners, as well as with the wider world.
  • Assist in organising an annual parkrun academic conference.

1.3. The parkrun research board will report to Paul Sinton-Hewitt, parkrun founder.

2. ​Membership

1.1. The board shall include an international multi-disciplinary group of ideally 10 members, who bring diverse research interests and expertise relevant to parkrun related research.

1.2. Each board member will have an expected term of 3 years with an option to extend on a rolling basis with the agreement of the board.

3. ​Frequency of Meetings

3.1. ​The board will meet twice a year.

3.2.​ ​An additional meeting may be called at the request of the Chair.

For review: May 2016
Dr Mary Hickson (Chair of the parkrun Research Board)
22nd May 2015