Our clubs

We’re big fans of persistence, and we love celebrating when a parkrunner reaches a significant milestone. That’s why we have these special clubs you automatically join when you reach a specific target.

50 Club

Getting serious now – the 50 Club is for anyone who reaches their 50th parkrun.

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10 Club

Juniors join the 10 club and get this badge of honour when they’ve run ten 5km parkruns.

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100 Club

100 runs – one of the most sought-after achievements at parkrun. Huge respect to all those who achieve the magic 100.

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250 Club

An impossible feat for many! Nevertheless, there are a number of faithful who have attained this incredible achievement.

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500 Club

Okay, you have got to be joking? Ten years of running a parkrun? You can't be serious that there are people prepared to go to this extreme... Yes, there are: Welcome to the 500 club!

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v25 Club

The Volunteer club rewards anyone who volunteers on 25 different occasions at any of our events

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Milestone t-shirts back on track

We are pleased to be able to confirm that, together with Pro:Direct, we have fixed the recent issue in the milestone t-shirt claim system and have started to reinstate links. Over the next four weeks, if you are eligible, you will receive an email inviting you to go to your parkrun profile and claim your... Read more »

Russ Jefferys Global Head of Communications