barcode reminder

Please send me a reminder of my important links

This page lets you enter your email address (the one you registered as a parkrunner with).

We will then send you a list of important links (including to your barcode).

You can also find a link to your barcode page:
  • in your initial registration confirmation email
  • in the newsletter email (if you have elected to receive it)
  • in your results emails whenever you run

Please enter your registered email address above then press the button. We will send you your list of links shortly (or let you know we have nobody registered with that address). If there is more than one parkrunner registered with that email (for example a family sharing the same email address), we will send one reminder for every parkrunner.

TOP TIP 1: Some email systems may filter the reminder email as spam. To avoid this happening we recommend you add as a contact to your email address book before pressing the button.

TOP TIP 2: Please make sure you have typed your email address correctly before pressing the button - we will send you an email shortly (but you'll only get it if it's your correct address).

If you do not hear from us, then it is most likely that either your spam filter has swallowed the mail, or you mistyped your email address. Please give it another go before getting in touch.