happening in a park near you this weekend!

By Paul Sinton-Hewitt, parkrun founder
— Friday 4 April 2014

Another weekend, another six new parkruns to experience.

Welcome to Basildon parkrun, Beeston parkrun, Parke parkrun, Keswick parkrun all in the UK, Konstancin-Jezioma parkrun in Poland and lastly George parkrun in South Africa.

This brings our total number of parkruns on Saturday to 388. 66 in Australia, 7 in Denmark, 10 in Ireland, 6 in New Zealand, 12 in Poland, 2 in Russia, 28 in South Africa, 3 in the USA and 254 in the United Kingdom. We also have 10 Junior parkruns in the UK.

Last weekend we had another record number or runners attend our events with 66,351 folks donning their running shows. Thanks to the 4,500 volunteers who made this possible.

Good luck to anyone running any event in the next few weeks.

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