parkrun on the BBC

By Paul Sinton-Hewitt, parkrun founder
— Wednesday 1 October 2014

This Saturday, on our 10th Birthday, the BBC will be airing a short review and celebration of parkrun. The brilliant Mike Bushell and crew were at Bedfont Lakes parkrun a week or so ago and prepared this in anticipation of our birthday.

As the Japanese Grand Prix will be showing on BBC 1 this weekend, BBC Breakfast is not on BBC 1 until 07:30. Until that time BBC Breakfast will be aired on the BBC News channel. So it's safer to watch on that, although after 07:30 it's on both the BBC News channel and BBC 1.

We think that the parkrun piece will be aired on the 40 minute mark after 6am. It should last for 2:30 minutes and is expected to be seen by 200 million people. Therefore it should be available at 06:40, 07:40 and 08:40 etc. If it has to miss a slot we hope it will be at 09:40 when all parkrunners will be at their event. We do not have absolute surety that these are the time slots for the viewings so please look out from 6:30 onwards.

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