Introducing free milestone t-shirts for everyone

By Paul Sinton-Hewitt, parkrun founder
— Tuesday 30 December 2014

I’m delighted to announce that parkrun Group has begun a worldwide partnership with UK based performance sportswear brand, Tribesports, to provide our milestone t-shirts for all our existing clubs.

This means we can now offer a free t-shirt to all our milestone runners in every parkrun territory around the world.

With the recent growth of parkrun worldwide I’ve been looking for a clothing partner who really understands what we’re about, and in Tribesports I believe we’ve found a kindred spirit.

In addition to providing current milestone t-shirts, Tribesports have committed to providing a new club t-shirt for those folks attaining the amazing milestone of 500 runs.

And if that’s not enough, they’ve decided to go the extra mile and introduce a new ‘25 club’ t-shirt for volunteers. This club will be known as the Volunteer Club and Tribesports have agreed to provide a t-shirt to every parkrun volunteer who has already reached this wonderful milestone.


Many of you have told me that your parkrun milestone t-shirt is amongst your most treasured (and sweatiest) possessions. So Tribesports are offering you the chance to get involved in the design of the new volunteer club tee. You’ve got the chance to vote on the colour of the shirt and the design of the logo to appear on the back. Make your vote count by getting involved now.
Click this link to vote.


I’m aware this is a big step, and while I think it’s great news I’m sure you will have some questions. I’ve done my best to answer the most obvious ones below but if there’s something I haven’t covered please do get in touch through the support icon on the website.


With many regions struggling to offer these rewards, we’ve been looking for a way to offer milestone t-shirts to every parkrun territory in the world through a single channel, as we want to treat all parkrunners equally no matter where their home run is.

Simply put, we couldn’t afford to do this alone. There are approximately 50,000 parkrunners who have achieved club status (by completing 10, 50, 100 or 250 runs) in the past ten years. In the next five years we expect to add another 300,000 parkrunners to this number.

If these predictions are accurate then the issue for parkrun is clear: providing a free t-shirt to 300,000 parkrunners in 11 (and growing) territories around the world over the next five years will add a hefty cost to our operation. Additionally, we have never been in a position to offer an equivalent club t-shirt for volunteering. Now we can, and we’re really excited about it.


As you reach a particular milestone you will see a new icon or link on your private profile page allowing you to place an order for a t-shirt. If you’ve subscribed to our email then you’ll also receive an email reminding you about it.

Simply click on the link and you’ll be transferred to our Wiggle shop where you can buy the t-shirt at zero cost. There will be an extensive range of sizes for both men and women. The usual Wiggle terms and conditions apply, so the t-shirt will be sent to your home address within a few days and you’ll also have the same brilliant Wiggle returns policy.

It’s important to note that standard post and packaging terms apply for each territory. However, if you buy other items from the shop you’ll be eligible for free post and packaging. I acknowledge that asking you to pay for the postage is a change from what we’ve done in the past and that this will disappoint some folks. I ask you to consider the impact this cost has on our organisation and I hope that you will see the added benefit of the secure fulfilment options offered by Wiggle. Unfortunately, if we didn’t pass this cost on, we wouldn’t be able to continue to offer this t-shirt for free. I feel this is a small price to pay for the continuation of a brilliant legacy.

There have been many occasions over the years when parkrunners have suggested to me that they would be happy to give something back to us in order that we maintain the simplicity and free nature of parkrun. This is your chance to do this while at the same time acquiring something aspirational and unique.


We’ve begun the milestone t-shirt design and ordering process. During the holiday season there is likely to be some downtime at the factories producing these goods. Considering our plans, we think it’s realistic that Wiggle will take delivery of the first batch of t-shirts in March 2015 and the minute these are in stock we will open the order process.

This means we’ll enable the link from your profile and email you (assuming you are subscribed to receive emails), telling you that you’re now able to select and make your order. Your t-shirt will arrive at your home within a few days of making the order.

For the volunteer club things are a bit different. We’ll close the design consultation process described above on the 12th January. At this point we’ll send our orders off to the factory and then we’ll be subject to the usual production timescales. We want to open the ordering process as soon as possible and are aiming for no later than the end of April 2015.


I ask that you continue to be patient with us as we get this new system and process underway. I know many of you are waiting for your hard earned t-shirts and we are now able to confirm that they’re coming, they’re free and they’re going to look and feel great. I’m really sorry for the delay but I want to reassure you that the wait will be worth it.

If you want to contact us about your t-shirt then please do so using the support icon on each page of the website.

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