Milestone t-shirts: the home straight

By Russ Jefferys, Chief Executive Officer
— Thursday 7 April 2016

April is here and along with warmer running conditions (for some) it’s also the month we receive a fresh new delivery of milestone t-shirts!

Just over 17,000 white, red, black, green and aubergine t-shirts are due in to port in the UK on 20 April. Allowing time for this large shipment to clear customs, safely arrive in the warehouse and be unpacked and sorted successfully, we anticipate the t-shirts should be available to order a week later, from 27 April. We will provide an update on the page and on social media if this changes.

This is a ground-breaking moment in the history of parkrun milestone t-shirts. In just nine months since we switched on the new system Tribesports have supplied us with 67,000 high-quality milestone t-shirts (for free) and in doing so have totally eliminated the global backlog we were experiencing during what has been a time of unprecedented growth for parkrun.

Through our partnership with Wiggle, parkrunners are now able to claim and receive their hard-earned milestone t-shirt far more quickly than we have ever been able to achieve previously.

We are immensely proud of this achievement, and hope that you also share this sense of pride and incredible community spirit as you run, jog, walk or volunteer in your new milestone t-shirt.

Some of you will have noticed that the link through which you can claim your milestone t-shirt on the ’Club Progress’ page of your profile has shown as ‘expired’. In preparation for the new delivery the 'expired' message has been removed, so if you are eligible for a milestone t-shirt you will be able to click through to the relevant item on our Wiggle page.

For more information on milestone t-shirts have a look at our FAQs here.


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