Latest update: milestone t-shirts

By Russ Jefferys, Chief Executive Officer
— Friday 29 September 2017

This week we have enabled links for everyone currently eligible for a milestone t-shirt. If you have qualified for a milestone t-shirt simply head to your profile (sign in at, or click on the link via the newsletter or results email) and click the ‘club progress’ link.

We are aware that stock is running low in some sizes. We will have a further update for you next week, announcing our plans for addressing the continued shortfall in availability and affirming our commitment to the continued provision of milestone t-shirts as a universal recognition of achievement.

We've summarised a few FAQs below:

Can I claim my t-shirt if I qualify this weekend?
Each week (usually Wednesday) we will unlock all new profile links so that everyone eligible has the chance to claim their milestone t-shirt, subject to their size being available.

My size isn't available - when will you have more stock?
We're working really hard on this and will have a detailed update next week.

Are milestone t-shirts sustainable?
Yes. Milestone t-shirts are a critical part of parkrun: rewarding participation over performance. We're working on a long-term sustainable solution and will be able to update you further next week.

Can I buy a replacement milestone t-shirt?
No. We would love to be able to offer this in the future but at the moment we can only provide one free milestone t-shirt for each eligible parkrunner.

Are these milestone t-shirts the same size as previous t-shirts?
Although sizes can sometimes vary between batches, this latest delivery of milestone t-shirts from Tribe Sports should be a very similar size and fit to previous Tribe Sports milestone t-shirts. Do check the size guide on the Wiggle website before ordering.

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