Milestone t-shirt update – February 2018

By Russ Jefferys, Chief Executive Officer
— Thursday 22 February 2018

Last year we announced we would be bringing the production and supply of milestone t-shirts in-house, effectively taking control of a component of parkrun that has always proved to be difficult for third parties to manage.

The ramifications of that decision meant that we exited the partnerships that were in place with Tribe Sports and Wiggle, and had to order, sample, test and pay for the first 40,000 new milestone t-shirts. In addition we wanted to set up a new, fairer, claim system that addressed historical issues whereby some parkrunners missed out on longstanding claims while others were able to claim theirs.


The new 50 milestone, front ☝️


And the back ☝️

I’m pleased to say these milestone t-shirts (the biggest delivery we have ever received) will arrive on time early next week. This first order includes stock of all milestones except white junior 10 t-shirts which will be covered in the second shipment later this year.

We are now finalising the claim process. We still have some testing to do over the next few weeks but we can confirm that we expect the new system to be up and running around mid-March. We will provide more information on how you go about claiming your wonderful new t-shirt as soon as it’s available to share.

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