Milestone t-shirt update – June 2019

By Russ Jefferys, Chief Executive Officer
— Friday 21 June 2019

*** Update 17/07/19 ***

We have made some good progress since our last update on 21 June, and have now identified the likely technical issue that was preventing the claim of milestone t-shirts.

With a fix in place we are now currently testing with a small number of parkrunners before we can confidently open up the claim system once again.

Once we are happy that the system is working as it should be, we will be reinstating links in chronological order, starting with those who have been waiting longest.


We are currently experiencing some technical issues with milestone t-shirts which means that we have temporarily suspended claims.

Last month an issue was discovered that meant we weren’t receiving confirmation of a milestone t-shirt claim (when the order is processed on Pro:Direct’s website). To ensure there are enough free t-shirts for everyone we need this process to work.

Unfortunately until we know what has gone wrong and how to fix it, we have had to temporarily suspend claims. We are working hard with our partners Pro:Direct to identify and fix the bug, but until we can no one will be able to claim a milestone t-shirt.

How does the system normally work?

The process for claiming and ordering a milestone t-shirt works like this: During the week after you complete your qualifying event, you’ll be sent an email like the one below.

Screenshot 2019-06-19 at 14.17.12

Clicking the link takes you to your parkrun profile where you can let us know if you do not want to claim your t-shirt. If you do, click the link and you’ll be transferred over to the correct milestone t-shirt page on the Pro:Direct website.

This is where you can select your size, add anything else to your basket, and check out. If your size isn’t immediately available, your order can still be placed meaning that you won’t lose your place in the queue and your t-shirt will be sent to you as soon as it is in stock.

Even if we do have stock available, it can take 3-4 weeks to receive your t-shirt due to the sheer volume of orders placed. Every week more than 2,000 parkrunners qualify for a milestone t-shirt!

I haven’t received this email

That’s deliberate. Since identifying the problem (which we hoped we would be able to fix fairly quickly) we stopped sending these emails. So if you have recently qualified for a milestone t-shirt and haven’t received this email, don’t worry.

You’re in the system and will be invited to claim your t-shirt as soon as the problem is fixed

How will I know when the problem is fixed and I can order my t-shirt?

Keep an eye on your inbox. As soon as we possibly can we will send you an email to let you know your claim link is open. We’ll do this in order of qualification, so no one will lose their place in the queue.

We know this is frustrating and want to get you your milestone t-shirts as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and support.

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