Special Events

There are two days in each year where events may stage events on days other than their normal day. 

Since 25th December 2004, Bushy parkrun has held an event on Christmas Day and following this tradition, each country can nominate one special day per year on which they can stage events.

Use the links below to see who has declared that they're staging extra events.

Country Special Day
Australia Christmas Day
Canada Canada Day
Denmark Christmas Day
Finland Christmas Eve
France Christmas Day
Germany German Unity Day
Ireland Christmas Day
Italy Christmas Day
Malaysia Malaysia Day
New Zealand Christmas Day
Norway Christmas Eve
Poland Boxing Day
Russia Orthadox Christmas
Singapore Chinese New Year
South Africa Christmas Day
Sweden National Day of Sweden
United Kingdom Christmas Day
United States Thanksgiving

This list is frequently updated throughout November/December so please keep checking back until mid-December when we flick a switch on the ‘undecided’ events to ‘no event' taking place.

Please see the News page on the local event's website and/or check social media channels for extra information.

On January 1st we allow parkrunners to register two parkruns. Please also note that start times may differ from usual.