Longest parkrun 2013

Longest parkrun 2013 is on Sunday 23rd June. The loops from 2012 will be joined by quite a few others.

Welcome to the Longest parkrun. Started in 2010, the idea is simple - On the first Sunday on or after the longest day of the year, to visit as many parkruns as possible. But while the potential total distance is quite large (35km or 21.7 miles), this isn't a heavy duty running event, it is first and foremost a social day - there's no official timing, runners can turn up at as many (or as few) of the runs as they want, and do as much of the courses as they want.

Longest parkrun 2013 is on Sunday 23rd June.

We hope the loops from 2012 will be joined by others. I will be updating this page with details of all the runs in the coming weeks so please keep coming back here.

In the main time make sure you check out my Longest parkrun Hints & Tips.

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North London Longest parkrun

Welcome to the second running of the North London Longest parkrun.

See map of route


09:00 – Gladstone parkrun
10:30 – Hampstead Heath parkrun
12:00 – Ally Pally parkrun
13:30 – Oak Hill parkrun
15:00 – Finsbury parkrun
16:30 – Highbury Fields parkrun
18:00 – Hackney Marshes parkrun


- The longest parkrun 2013 will take place on Sunday 23rd June.
- The event is a series of freedom parkruns, it is not an official parkrun event.
-  Participants can complete as many of the stages as they wish, one, a few or all seven.
-  Completing the respective stages will not count towards your parkrun event total. Similarly volunteering at one of the stages won't earn any volunteer points. Runners can run
simply for the fun of it and volunteers volunteer out of the goodness of their hearts.
-  The runs will not be timed, and p.b's or average times will not be affected. Participants are encouraged to keep their own times and upload them as freedom parkruns, and in a Google spread sheet (available after the events).
- The route, transport details, timetable etc can be seen in the following Google map: http://goo.gl/maps/n6qxy
-  Participants are encouraged to take public transport between stages, cycle, or even run. If driving please car share and offer lifts to other runners when possible.
- The start times of successive stages are 90 minutes apart, this should give participants enough time to complete the course, and travel to the next stage in time for the start. Please try to arrive on time.
- There will be a 45 minute time limit for each stage (i.e. to complete the 5km course). After this time any signs on the course should be removed and marshals on the course and at the finish will head off to the next stage.
- Bags/ bikes etc can be left at the finish at the owners risk, it is not the responsibility of the event team to look after people's stuff, however they may keep an eye on it.
- Please aim to be at the start of each stage 5 minutes early for a short briefing on the stage, this is especially important if you haven’t run the particular course before.
- Participants are encouraged to eat and drink sufficient amounts regularly throughout the day.
- Participants are encouraged to take photographs throughout the day and share them using facebook etc.
- The 7th stage of the North London parkrun will be at Hackney Marshes, here the North London route will meet with the East London route for a final combined stage.
- Each stage will start with a short briefing about the course.
- The courses will be minimally marshalled and signposted, reducing organisational requirements and allowing as many people to run as possible. Participants are encouraged to familiarise themselves with each respective course in advance, and if unsure don’t run ahead but jog round with others who are familiar with the course.
- Please tell your family, friends, running club members etc about the longest parkrun, join the facebook group, share on twitter etc.
- Currently the suggested public transport routes look good and engineering works havn't been planned, however this may change. Please check the map for updates.


North East London Longest parkrun

See Map of route

Timetable & notes

Stage ONE Walthamstow Start time 9am
Location Peter May Sports Centre [FREE carparking] E17 4HR
on Wadham Road which runs alongside the A406, just by the Crooked Billet roundabout.
Getting There by Public Transport
Bus: W16 or 212
Overground: The nearest station is Higham's Park on the London to Chingford line [10 minute walk].
Nearest tube: Walthamstow Central is about 2 miles away [212 bus goes frequently from Walthamstow Central].

Getting between stage one and two - distance by car approx 4.5 miles.
By Public Transport - Walk to Wadham Road 7 mins W16 Bus towards Leytonstone11 mins Essex Road walk to Shernhall Street 1 min (8 mins to make transfer) 257 Bus towards Stratford 13 mins Leytonstone Fire Station Walk to Harrow Rd 5 mins - Total time 40-45 mins.

Stage TWO Wanstead Flats Start time 10:30am
Location Harrow Road Changing Pavilion, Wanstead Flats Playing Fields, [FREE carparking] E11 3QD.
Getting There by Public Transport
Buses 58 or 308 to Dames Road (E7) Stop: W
Overground: Leytonstone High Road is 0.5mile away (10 min walk).
Nearest tube: Leytonstone is less than a mile away (16 min walk).

Getting between stage two and three - distance by car approx 4.6 miles.
By Public Transport - Walk to Leytonstone 17 mins Leytonstone Central Line Underground to Gants Hill
6 mins Walk to Valentines Park 17 mins - Total time 40-45 mins.

Stage THREE Valentines Park Start time 12pm
Location Valentines Café (in the south part of the park) IG1 4SB
Getting There by Public Transport
Overground: The nearest station is Ilford [10 minute walk].
Nearest tube: Gants Hill [10-15 minute walk]

Getting between stage three and four - distance by car approx 3.0 miles.
By Public Transport - Walk to Jaffe Road 11 mins 169 Bus towards Barking 17 mins Longbridge Road Fanshawe Ave Walk to event 8 mins - Total time 35-40 mins.

Stage FOUR Barking Start time 1:30pm
Location near to the cafe and toilets Barking Park. Longbridge Road IG11 9UT [FREE carparking]
Getting There by Public Transport
3-4 minutes by bus or 5-10 minute walk from Barking bus/train station.

Getting between stage four and five - distance by car approx 4.6 miles.
By Public Transport - Walk to Barking 10 mins District Line Underground 6 mins Upton Park 376 Bus towards Beckton 16 mins Will Thorne Pavilion - Total time 40-45 mins.

Stage FIVE Beckton Start time 3pm
Location Will Thorne Pavillion, Beckton District Park South, Stansfeld Road E6 5LT [FREE carparking]
Buses 300 and 376 stop adjacent to the start. Buses 101, 172, 263, 300, 366, 376, 474 stop at Beckton Bus Station (700m to the east).
DLR stations are Royal Albert 200m away; Beckton Park 300m away; and Beckton 750m away

Getting between stage five and six - distance by car approx 4.2 miles.
By Public Transport - Walk to Royal Albert 9 mins DLR 16 mins Westferry D7 Bus 4 minsTurners Road Walk to Mile End Stadium 4 mins - Total time 40-45 mins.

Stage SIX Mile End Start time 4:30pm
Location Mile End Stadium on Rhodeswell Road. [£1 for 2 hours carparking] E14 7TW
The 309, 277, D6 and D7 buses run close to the start of the course.
The closest tube station is Mile End and the nearest DLR station is Limehouse.

Getting between stage six and seven - distance by car approx 3.9 miles.
By Public Transport - Walk to Mile End 12 mins 425 Bus 13 mins Brooksby's Walk Walk to Homerton Rd/B112 16 mins - Total time 40-45 mins.

Stage SEVEN Hackney Marshes Start time 6pm
Location Hackney Marshes Centre eastern end of Homerton Road before the junction with the A12 [FREE carparking] E9 5PF
308, 276, 236 and W15 buses run very close to the start of the course.
The closest rail stations are Homerton and Hackney Wick


Western Australia Longest parkrun

WA Longest parkrun will include 3 active parkruns, 1 soon to launch parkrun and 1 parkrun that is currently in development.  During the day we will travel from the the Northern suburbs of Perth (starting in Aveley) to the Southern suburbs (ending in Rockingham).

See map of route


8.00-8.45 Aveley parkrun - Aveley parkrun launches on 8th July so this is a taster.  Please meet at the Central Park in Aveley by the Gazebo near the junction of Egerton Drive and Bolero Road.

9.30-10.15 Joondalup parkrun - Another taster, this parkrun is currently seeking sponsorship and council approval.  Please meet at Neil Hawkins Park carpark off Boas Avenue.

11.00-11.45 Claisebrook Cove parkrun (www.parkrun.com.au/claisebrookcove/)

Picnic Lunch at Claisebrook Cove

13.15-14.00 Canning River parkrun (www.parkrun.com.au/canningriver/)

15.00-15.45 Rockingham parkrun (www.parkrun.com.au/rockingham/)

Retire for a drink in a nearby bar

For further information please contact Jon Storey (claisebrookcoveoffice@parkrun.com).


SW London Longest parkrun 2013 – The Fourth Running

A small change for the fourth running of the SW London Longest parkrun - sorry if you enjoyed the jaunt to Bedfont Lakes but I've taken the decision to swap it for a trip to Crane Park instead - I know that will go down well with the cyclists because the road from Bushy to Bedfont is hideous, and it makes a more compact circuit.

Cheers and hope to see you on the day Crispy (chris@parkrun.com).

View longest parkrun in a map

The timetable will be the same, albeit with Crane Park run in place of Bedfont Lakes.

Start Depart
Bushy Park 1 09:00 09:45
Crane Park 10:30 11:15
Old Deer Park 12:00 12:45
Richmond Park 13:30 14:15
Wimbledon Common 15:00 15:45
Kingston 16:30 17:15
Bushy Park 2 18:00  


  1. 45 minutes has been allocated between the start of each run and departure, in order to stick to schedule, please aim to leave at the designated time, even if this means cutting a run short.
  2. As has become traditional, We will run Bushy 1 in reverse, and Bushy 2 in regular direction.
  3. Drivers are advised to plan where they will park in advance, but this is particularly true of Crane Park, and Richmond Park; in both cases the nearest parking is not completely adjacent to the start.
  4. Additional time has been factored into the start of the Richmond Park run to allow for picnics beforehand.
  5. If you've not been to Wimbledon parkrun before the start is some distance from where we park cars and bikes. There's usually plenty of parking (although it is busy) next to the Windmill, and we'll try to meet on the grass area next to the car park before heading en masse to the start.
  6. At Kingston, there's usually parking at the Hawker centre, and we'll meet on the grass between the centre and the river - please avoid blocking the footpath while waiting for the start.
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