Gender policy at parkrun

By Kirsty, Head of Communications
— Thursday 20 July 2023

We are paying close attention to the ongoing debate regarding gender categorisation in sport, and wider aspects of public life, and we acknowledge the comments and questions that have been specifically raised with regards to parkrun's policy on this important topic.

parkruns are not races or athletic competitions of the sort governed by national and international federations. They are community-led, socially-focused events delivered with the aim of improving public health, and including as many people as possible.

We aim to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible, and whilst there is and possibly always will be discussion around how we record and present people’s identities, we believe that our current solution is the most appropriate available at this time.

We are listening to all the views put forward, and are taking time to reflect, consider and act appropriately and sensitively. We are in discussions with a number of individuals and groups in order to understand their views and position, and will draw on this to inform our thinking. It is important that this process is given the time and attention that it deserves.


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