2014 Happy New Year

By Paul Sinton-Hewitt, parkrun founder
— Friday 3 January 2014

Happy New Year to all parkrunners, wherever you find yourself.

Looking back on 2013 and previous years, then I feel we have a great deal to be proud of. There are now over 760,000 registered parkrunners across 10* countries. In 2013 over 332,000 folks did their first run with parkrun, taking the total number of folks who have ever run with us to 663,900. Just over 1.95 million runs were recorded last year taking our total number of runs since we started in 2004 to 3.92 million runs.

Making all this possible was the amazing 42,800 unique volunteers who volunteered in excess of 180,000 times across 355 events or locations while delivering 14,015 events during the year. 153 new events were added in 2013 and the parkrun tourist fever continued to grow. The UK added the most new events followed by Australia and South Africa. One of our newest countries, Ireland has shown phenomenal adoption of parkrun and we look forward to this trend continuing.

I would like to wish every parkrun team in each of our countries the very best for 2014. We are excited about the opportunities for growth and look forward to continuing our contribution to the fitness, health, fun and wellbeing of the parkrunners across the nations. We are very excited to be welcoming Russia to our list of parkrun countries in 2014. We are also excited to introduce the regular weekly 2K junior parkrun series in the UK.

My message to you for 2014 is: “keep it simple”. It's always good to remind ourselves that we are just a “simple, weekly 5K timed run with your friends in a park”.


Paul and the UKTT team (Richard, Chris, Alan and Jane)

* Includes Zimbabwe and Iceland where we have ceased operation.

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