parkrun Celebration Book – your chance to contribute

By Paul Sinton-Hewitt, parkrun founder
— Wednesday 29 January 2014

The Event Director of Lloyd parkrun, Debra Bourne, is presently writing a book about parkrun, to tie in with the 10th Anniversary later this year.

Debra wants to include some of the many inspirational stories from parkrunners worldwide - what parkrun means to you and your family; how parkrun has affected your life and/or improved your health; how parkrun has helped your running (whether you started off unable to run, have used it to help you go to longer distances, or whether you use it as speedwork for marathons etc; running with buggies and with dogs; parkrun tourism; parkrunning with a disability; what you think is important about parkrun...

There will be the opportunity to remain anonymous in the book if the story is sensitive.

We cannot guarentee that they will all reach the book, but please send us your stories - and if we get a deluge, we will set up a special page showcasing your stories once the book is published.

To make your contribution, go to:

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