Results processing release

By Richard Leyton, parkrun systems engineer
— Tuesday 4 March 2014

We are pleased to announce that this week we intend to release a significant change to how the parkrun results system works.

The results processor ('RP') sits behind the scenes and takes event teams submissions from our event management software ('WebFMS'), and does all the hard work required to work out points, PB's, age grading and so forth.

First written by Paul Sinton-Hewitt to cope with the multiple parkrun events in 2007, the current system has coped remarkably well with the huge expansion of parkrun events. Paul's put in a lot of time over the years to keep it ticking over. However we've known for some time there were problems it couldn't work around, so it needed to be replaced. Alan Dempster has been working hard on implementing and testing our new system, and we're now ready to switch over to it.

The new RP system won't have many visible changes, it should be able to cope with the most optimistic growth projections our country teams have told us, and should make a few things possible that we've been keen to do for a while. These will gradually become available as time allows, after the release.

We will also be changing how result emails are generated. Whilst there won't be any content changes it should, in time, allow for a faster turnaround and much greater scale. This new system has been put together by Richard Leyton, and is already in use for registration, reminder and birthday emails. It'll soon allow us to introduce more local content into the event emails, which we hope you'll find informative.

We're starting the cutover on Wednesday, 5th March 2014, and obviously this Saturday (8th March) will be the first events when the new system is live. Whilst we're optimistic there won't be any problems, it goes without saying your patience would be appreciated if there are delays in publishing the results.

Thanks for your support,


Richard, Alan, Paul, Chris and Jane

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