What’s happening at parkrun this week

By Paul Sinton-Hewitt, parkrun founder
— Friday 14 March 2014

Last week we saw the introduction of the Albury Wodonga parkrun in Australia and the Castlebar parkrun in Ireland. Eighteen wonderful volunteers welcomed 199 runners to these new events.

This week we have another wide collection of new runs. Welcome to all the volunteers and parkrunners at White River in South Africa, NAAS in Ireland, Campbelltown in Australia and Canterbury in the United Kingdom.

Good luck to all the new volunteers this week no matter where you are starting your first steps towards parkrun wonderfulness. A special thumbs up to the newest teams too.

As many of you will be aware we upgraded our main results processing and email systems last week. During the day, we took a cautionary approach to monitoring the progress and as a result you may not have noticed any improvement. For the most part things went very well but we did have some minor issues which affected the initial emails we sent out. We continue to make progress and will adopt a cautious approach again this weekend continuing to scrutinise the systems but we are hopeful that we will continue to see improvements. If you have any concerns you can contact us using the support icon on the website.

We were very surprised and delighted to see that parkrun receives a significant mention in the IAAF Yearbook for 2013. We are featured on pages 80 to 84 and the PDF version can be downloaded from this link.

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