Two weeks have passed, seven new events added.

By Paul Sinton-Hewitt, parkrun founder
— Saturday 6 September 2014

Since my last post we have introduced seven new events across the globe. In the last three weeks we have averaged approximately 70,000 runners a week at our 5k events and 1,200 runners at our junior events. Thanks to the brilliant volunteers who mad this possible.

Seven days ago we welcomed Bere Island parkrun in the Republic of Ireland. I am led to believe that this is a definite tourist attraction but one that involves crossing a bridge to access the course. We also said hello to Capalaba parkrun and Lake Joondalup parkrun In Australia and Swadlingcote junior parkrun in the UK.

This week we are delighted to welcome Blue Gum Hills parkrun and Broadbeach Waters parkrun in Australia and Horsham parkrun in the UK. Once again we thank our wonderful volunteers for making this happen.

At the time of posting the number of runners for the day is looking pretty impressive. My parkrun experience today was perfect as usual as I jogged around Bushy parkrun with Caroline Bamford, an ex-colleague from my days at Three and with Brian Billington who was celebrating his 100th run. Congratulations to Brian and all the other folks who reached their milestone today. Thank you to ever volunteer and parkrunner who turned up today to make a perfect parkrunday.


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