SparkLE - Study of parkrun on Lifestyle and Exercise

SparkLE 1

parkrun research is now published!

Did you take part in SparkLE 1? If so you may be interested to know that we have published a paper about our findings in the Journal of Public Health.

Here is the paper

In this paper we describe the results from 7308 SparkLE participants in terms of demographics, current physical activity, the perceived impact of involvement and parkrun performance statistics. The evidence suggests that parkrun is attractive to non-runners; with women, older adults and overweight people well represented. Fitness improvements were observed and there were many positive perceived benefits, suggesting parkrun may be an effective community-based intervention for improving public health.

SparkLE 2

We have now completed collecting data for SparkLE 2, and prize winners have been notified. Preliminary results will be provided here once available.

Mary Hickson and Clare Stevinson